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Being a color associated with royalty, purple conveys impressions of power, sophistication, and wealth. Don’t we say “born in the purple” for people with noble backgrounds? Indeed, deep purple shades will bring a sense of class and dignity to your PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. You can therefore use it in your slides about the luxury business.

Since it also relates to creativity and fantasy, you will find purple in many presentations about children’s literature and the teenage world. In a broader sense, purple backgrounds will enhance your creative and imaginative side.

This mixture of red and blue also possesses feminine connotations. For example, advertisers often use purple for women’s clothes, accessories, and beauty products. Strangely enough, purple is also popular in the chocolate industry (think Milka or Cadbury).

As you can see, you have many different reasons to use purple in your presentations, in case you want to emphasize luxury, fantasy, or creativity.