Fiery – Custom Color Palette for PowerPoint

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Brown, Orange, Red

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This free fiery custom color palette for PowerPoint will add more life to your visual aids by using warm and earthy colors. The combination of brown, red, and orange will bring a balanced mix of reliability, excitement, and creativity to your presentations.

Fiery – Custom Color Palette

Do you feel your visual aids are a bit cold? Do you think your infographics lack intensity and passion? In a nutshell, your slides need a little bit of fire. Then it is time for you to heat up your colors! Your titles, texts, icons, and diagrams will benefit from this free Fiery Custom Color Palette!

Don’t choose your colors lightly! Just like your words and numbers, they too transmit information and emotions. For instance, the hot red tones of this color scheme convey feelings of passion, excitement, energy, and power. Besides, orange inspires creativity and brown, reliability and nurturing. This intense mix of tangerine, crimson red, bamboo, rosewood, and other hues will help catch and maintain your audience’s attention. Indeed, they will be drawn to your visual aids like moths to a flame! So, download the XML files of this free Fiery Color Palette and use it in your next PowerPoint presentation.

It is particularly suitable for professional and business presentations where power, dependability and energy are important factors. You can also use them for marketing presentations to create desire and appetite.

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This ‘Fiery – Custom Color Palette’ features:

  • A combination of 12 customized colors
  • XML file (in a ZIP file)
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