Fluid Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

FLUID Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides


Blue, Orange, Red

File types:

Google Slides, POTX


4:3, 16:9

File types:

Google Slides, POTX


4:3, 16:9

Free Fluid Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. A harmonious modern theme with curvy and wavy lines. Designed with picture placeholders. Perfect for personal, professional, or educational presentations.

Fluid Template

Have you ever pondered the many definitions of the term fluid? Depending on the context, this five-letter word can mean: capable of flowing, subject to change or movement, employing a smooth easy style and available for various uses. Needless to say, this is the perfect adjective to describe these modern, versatile, stylish, and entirely modifiable slide models. So get ready to ride the wave of success thanks to this Fluid Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template!

A presentation theme featuring a curvy and wavy design

Do you want to get your presentation flowing as smoothly and naturally as the waves of the sea? This Fluid theme and its six slides are definitely going to help you reach your goal. Their abstract undulatory shapes are evocative of the ocean tides, and therefore induce a sensation of vitality, intensity, growth, and power in the viewers. Moreover, these feelings are reinforced by the harmonious combination of three colors: mellow apricot orange, a ruby shade of red, and an intense aquatic dark blue, ideal to use as a background to highlight your text in light-colored fonts. Keep in mind that if you want to adapt the template with your own colors, it’s totally possible and extremely easy to do. All the curvy lines and pictures are also changeable, so you can let your imagination flow freely to surf on the crest of your own waves!

For personal, professional, or educational presentations

As you can see in the sample photos, this PPTX template allows for refined, dynamic professional presentations in any field of work and for all kinds of businesses. However, the conceptual artistic design of the six slides also makes this theme perfectly suitable for personal and educational presentations. Remember that fluidity and fluency go hand in hand: as effortlessly as the water moves will you be able to express yourself. It’s high time for you to unleash your own original flow of ideas with this Fluid Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template! Rest assured that your audience will be on the same wavelength as you.

Finally, the “Fluid” presentation theme contains a selection of 6 master slide layouts: title (cover) slide, title and content (2 variants), section (4 alternatives), and a ‘thank you!’ closing slide. The editable background design is built in the master slide. It includes all the visual elements you can see in the preview (Cf. below). Furthermore, the wavy shapes in the cover and the section slides are picture placeholders. Therefore you can fully customize the final design to fit your needs. Also, on the last closing slide, you can easily insert your photo ID in the corner wavy-shaped picture placeholder.

Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

Widescreen (16:9) size preview – 7 slides:

This ‘Fluid Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ features:

  • 6 unique slides (and an extra slide with the color palette)
  • Uses Slide Master: 1 master with 6 layout slides
  • Ready to use template with text, picture placeholders* and (editable) background design (does not include the photos used in the featured image preview)
  • Custom color theme (built-in palette)
  • Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios
  • POTX file (PowerPoint) and for Google Slides
The picture placeholder function is not supported by Google Slides.

Free font used:

  • Calibri, Calibri Light

Terms of use:

Requires attribution

Personal and educational use

Commercial use

(Re)sell, (re)distribute

Read the full Terms of Use

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