10 Dazzling Blue Abstract Templates For Presentations

Dazzling Blue Abstract PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates

Blue is a versatile color that can convey a wide array of emotions depending on the shade you select. This primary color often symbolizes wisdom, serenity, and reliability: three values everybody should include in your presentation. Blue is also the color of the sky and the sea and thus represents freedom, imagination, and inspiration. Now you just have to choose from our selection of 10 free dazzling blue abstract templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides. So, what kind of blue will you be?

Your presentation can definitely benefit from choosing the right shade of blue. Navy, sky or ice blue, cobalt, sapphire or ultramarine, Moroccan or Persian blue, iris or cornflower, electric or neon blue: the options are almost infinite. For instance, light blues are serene and soothing, brilliant blues vivid and dynamic, dark blues serious and elegant. Of course, the effect on your audience also depends on the other colors associated with it, as well as the design elements.

The abstract shapes allow you to use our free templates for almost every field of work, and also for educational and personal presentations. Your choice will indeed depend on your communication objectives and your personality. Take a good look at our selection and pick the true-blue companion of your next presentation!

1. Blue Web

Free Blue Web Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

This free Blue Web Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template has a design that combines a soothing ice blue color and dynamic interwoven lines. Its modern design makes it a perfect candidate for presentations linked to science, technology, and medical topics. You can also apply it to any subject that has to do with networking, connection, and movement. Besides, you have the opportunity to customize it thanks to the numerous picture placeholders. Don’t miss out on this free Blue Web PPTX/POTX template!

2. University

Free Royal Blue and Gold Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

Modernity, seriousness, and elegance: all in one free template! This is what this University Google Slides theme offers you. The subtle combination of royal blue, cream, and gold is what confers class and sophistication to your background. On top of that, the abstract bubble shapes are the ones bringing dynamism to your visual support. These fun rounded contours can also be used as original picture placeholders in your title and “thank you” slides. Both teachers and students can enjoy this versatile PowerPoint template for their presentations.

3. Science and Tech

Free Blue Science and Tech Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

This geometrical design will convince scientists, science teachers, and students, as well as anybody working in the area of science and technology. Indeed, this free Science and Tech PowerPoint template features polygonal shapes and network connections with lines and dots. This modern design, which allies a gradient cyan with a dark blue, will bring a 3D effect to your slides. It is ideal for presentations in which text is important. If you are going to talk about cutting-edge technology, you should also be at the cutting edge of presentation templates!

4. Molecular

Free Blue Molecular Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

The abstract molecular shapes of this free PowerPoint template make it possible to use it with a great number of topics. The turquoise and light blue colors of the background, reminiscent of the sky and the sea, will give a soothing and spiritual dimension to your slides. That’s why it is ideal for health, healthcare, and medical-related presentations, as well as topics related to the air and the sky (airlines, airports, air conditioners) and to the water and the sea (travel, holidays, mineral water). Take your audience on the most pleasant of trips with this free Molecular Google Slides theme!

5. Triangles

Free Blue Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template with Triangles

This free Triangles PowerPoint template is a modern and dynamic combination of triangles pointing at the right side and different hues of blue color. You can thus convey optimism in the future and a sense of lightness to your audience. Indeed, the arrangement of triangles evokes a galaxy of stars or a flock of birds flying up. So show everyone you know where you’re going thanks to this free Triangles Google Slides theme!

6. Golden Rings

Free Golden Ring Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

There are several ways to impress your audience. One of them is to offer a glittering, sophisticated and professional presentation. This free Golden Rings PPTX/POTX template has all the elegance you need. Firstly, the dark blue and golden colors are a perfect match to convey power and refinement. Moreover, golden and blue circles interlace to form a dynamic layout. It is obviously ideal for the jewelry and luxury industries, but not only: many other areas could benefit from this stylish template.

7. Imperial

Free Blue Imperial Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

Welcome to the empire of classy and persuasive PowerPoint presentation templates! The royal blue present in these 6 slides confers an air of importance, significance, and depth. This impression is also reinforced by the simplicity and sobriety of the background design: a clean rectangular layout with rounded edges. Also, you can edit every element of this design to fit your needs. It is, therefore, suitable for almost any topic. If elegance and professionalism are what you are looking for, this free Imperial Google Slides theme will be your loyal subject!

8. Neo Geometric

Free Neo Geometric Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

If you are searching for something more colorful and artistic, you may want to consider our Neo Geometric free template! This design offers a dark blue background where your text will be highlighted thanks to a white font. Around this powerful canvas, you will find a colorful patchwork of various geometric and abstract designs. Indeed, patterns with circles, triangles, tetragons, pointy and curvy lines decorate the inside of these light blue, green, red, and orange squares. A fun and dynamic way to showcase your data, ideas, and findings.

9. Crescents

Free Crescents Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

Your audience will be over the moon thanks to the classy gray-blue background of this free Crescents PowerPoint template! The elegant curvy lines of this design will form original picture placeholders. Moreover, they will bring energy and power to your presentation. You can trust this gray-blue shade to bring a serious, intense, and classy appearance to your visual support. This free crescents Google Slides theme will help you communicate elegance, energy, and growth in any domain.

10. Blue Abstract Geometry

Free Abstract Geometry Google Slides Theme and PowerPoint Template

A free, simple, and efficient solution for your presentations: this Blue Abstract Geometry template offers a mix of geometric shapes colored with different tints of blue. These elements are in fact inspired by the Bauhaus or Cubism movements, pioneers of geometric abstraction. Besides, you can enjoy a clean white background to highlight your text and titles. This Google Slides theme is ideal if you want to give a fun retro touch to your presentation!

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Dazzling Blue Abstract Templates For Presentations. Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what is the one you would download for your next presentation!