Contrast and Opposition – 10 Unique Graphics for Presentations

Contrast and Opposition - 10 Unique Graphics for Presentations

There are two sides to every story. The dichotomy is indeed everywhere: right against wrong, positive versus negative, things to do and things to avoid, etc. If you want to illustrate these diverging ideas in your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, many graphics, and visual metaphors are available to you. Here is a selection of our most relevant free slide templates that will help you get your message across loud and clear.

Do you want to show that one idea is better than another, that a decision is wiser than another, that a solution has more potential than another? The ten infographics we recommend you are stupendous visual material to convince your audience. Remember that an image paints a thousand words, and the right image can tip the scales in your favor.

Our varied compilation of graphics includes not only the basic opposing ideas templates but also more complex tools such as the seesaw cycle, arrow ribbons, and an American football field slide ideal to express diverging ideas. Don’t underestimate the impact of strong professional visual support. Have a look at these 10 free outstanding graphics and download the ones that best meet your needs.

1. Opposing Forces

Opposing Forces Template for PowerPoint

What a strange bicycle! Aren’t the two riders of a tandem bike supposed to go in the same direction? In this case, both cyclists are pedaling in opposite directions. As a result, they are not going anywhere. This unusual slide template for PowerPoint and Google Slides is a perfect metaphor to illustrate counterproductive phenomenons or forces that cancel each other out. It can be used as an analogy for human relationships, and particularly teamwork. Indeed, when somebody is working in a different direction, the specific goals of the group cannot be reached.

2. Boxing Punch

Boxing Punch Infographic Template for PowerPoint

Round one, fight! This free boxing gloves graphic will give power to your presentations. Thanks to it, you can convey your ideas efficiently and land your punches when trying to make your point. This cartoon-style illustration includes an explosion bubble to showcase two opposing ideas or concepts. To reinforce this dichotomy, one glove is red and the other green, which means you can use it for contrasts such as “good vs. bad”, “positive vs. negative”, “strengths vs. weaknesses”, etc.

3. Football and Diverging Ideas

Football Diverging Ideas Template for PowerPoint

This football field is probably one of the most creative and useful infographics you can use when you want to present two diverging ideas. Since it is entirely editable, you have the possibility to adjust the signal pole and the two arrows in each direction. The perspective view of the American football field allows you to quantify the weight of each idea, concept, or data by moving the signal pole to a specific yard mark. No doubt you will score many touchdowns while giving a first-class presentation.

4. Comparison Ribbon

Comparison Ribbon Template for PowerPoint

Do you want your visual support to be simple but effective? Elegant but powerful? This free comparison ribbon slide template is the one you need. It consists of a wavy banner revealing two parts designed to compare two things. You can use red and green colors to contrast two options, one better than the other. On the other hand, you can apply this infographic simply to showcase or compare quantitative results. This ribbon is indeed ideal to insert icons, numbers, and text.

5. Seesaw Cycle

Seesaw Cycle Template for PowerPoint

Up and down, up and down again! This free Seesaw Cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides is a very original option to display 2 contrasting concepts or opposite ideas. This cycle diagram offers two circular up-and-down arrows that each connect to an icon. The design reminds us of a “refresh” button. Moreover, it offers the image of a counterclockwise flow to show how both elements are interconnected. It thus creates a kind of balance scale or seesaw graphic with the arrows as the pivot point.

6. Arrow Ribbons

This free Arrow Ribbons slide template offers a versatile option to compare two ideas, concepts, or data. It presents intertwined arrows, two of them pointing upwards, and two downwards. The second slide is specially designed to contrast two opposite ideas, with a red arrow for negative elements and the green one for positive concepts. On the other hand, the first slide can also be used as a matrix diagram to show concepts along the vertical and horizontal axes.

7. Up and Down Foam Hands

Up and Down Foam Hands Template for PowerPoint

Foam hands are fun sports paraphernalia to show support for a specific team. As a metaphor, it shows your passion and fan spirit. That is why this free infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides is ideal to show your enthusiasm for an idea or concept in comparison to another. Indeed, one foam hand is green and facing upwards whereas the other is red and pointing downward. Hence, it is perfect to show opposite ideas, such as positive vs. negative or strengths vs. weaknesses.

8. Opposing Ideas with Padlocks

Opposing Ideas Padlocks Template for PowerPoint

Padlocks are either open or closed. You can use them to show that an idea works perfectly while the other leads to a dead end. Indeed, one of the keyed locks is green and open and the other is red and closed. This illustration will help you compare two dichotomous ideas, concepts, or solutions. Unlock your imagination and enjoy this free Opposing Ideas with Padlocks template!

9. Battery Fraction Chart

Battery Fraction Chart Template for PowerPoint

If you want to add a quantitative result to your comparison, this Battery Fraction Chart is the perfect tool to do it. You can also use it as a single element of a more complex infographic slide. In any case, this clear and easy-to-read visual support will help you explain your numbers and concepts. The slide includes spaces for numbers, titles, and text to reinforce the ideas conveyed by the battery charging icons.

10. Traffic Light Comparisons

Traffic Lights Comparison Template for PowerPoint

This free Traffic Lights slide template offers you the possibility to compare not 2 but 3 ideas. One that works, another that needs improvement, and the last one that simply doesn’t function. Indeed, it shows three vertical traffic signals, with the red light on for the first one (left), yellow light (middle), and green light on (right). You can use the title and text placeholders to specify each one of them. Give the green light to your ideas and impress your audience with this original pictorial diagram!