City Lights – Custom Color Palette for PowerPoint

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The free City Lights custom color palette for PowerPoint will make your presentation stand out with its combination of soothing blue and green tones and contrasting reds. Perfect for professional business presentations with a modern or futuristic theme.

City Lights – Custom Color Palette

Time to make your presentation shine like a city at night! For your visual aids, the choice of colors is essential to grab your audience’s attention. That is why we have selected colors that combine and contrast perfectly. You just have to download the XML files of this free City Lights Custom Color Palette for PowerPoint and apply this color scheme to your texts and infographics!

This color palette consists mainly of blue and green tones. These 2 colors are soothing to the eye. Besides, they convey feelings of peace, calm, security, reliability, and modernity. Furthermore, we have added some electric tones like space cadet blue and curious blue to spice things up. Finally, you will find a vivid red tone called Rich Carmine to create a strong contrast with cold hues. This color scheme is ideal for serious and professional business presentations thanks to its deep and vibrant colors, as well as the sharp contrast between red and blue tones. For instance, you can use this free City Lights Custom Color Palette for topics such as technology and anything with a modern or futuristic touch.

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This ‘City Lights – Custom Color Palette’ features:

  • A combination of 12 customized colors
  • XML file (in a ZIP file)

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