Black PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes

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Black never goes out of fashion. Black is indeed timeless, and, contrary to what people might think, it evokes many positive emotions. This color provokes an impression of power and intensity that you can use for your themes and presentations about coffee, chocolate, sports, or the car industry.

Black also stands for professionalism and reliability. That is why slides about science and technology (cell phones, sound, and image equipment) can really benefit from black backgrounds. Moreover, this complete absorption of visible light provides perfect contrast with lighter colors. It removes distractions and will help your audience focus on everything that is not black.

Finally, black offers strong connotations of elegance and sophistication. Most high-end luxury companies use black for their corporate visuals: think about watches, jewelry, fashion, and the shoe industry. So, if you want to convey an impression of strength, refinement, and dependability in your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations, black may well be the color you need.