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Light blue is much more than a shade of blue. Indeed, it can convey feelings that are very different from darker hues of this color. Sky blue, which transmits lightness, pureness, and dreaminess. It is therefore a color you can use for your PowerPoint presentations about air travel. It also works with other nature-related fields, such as mountain and lake tourism and winter sports.

Light blue is a cold color. Nevertheless, it generally transmits peace and calm, that is why you can use it in presentations about psychology or well-being. Moreover, this soothing hue can be easily associated with other pastel colors to create wonderful slides.

Since it also evokes trustworthiness and reliability, many medical Google Slides presentations will benefit from the use of light blue. For the same reason, topics linked to high technology will also love a touch of light blue (think about the logos of Skype, Twitter, Messenger, or AT&T). By using light blue backgrounds, your Google Slides presentations will definitely reach the sky!