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Project Description

Boss or Leader? 10 differences between a Boss and a Leader for PowerPoint. Free PowerPoint document. Illustrated with fully editable graphics: sheep (for the boss) and fishes (for the leader).

Contains 4 slides, including 1 printer-friendly slide (white background). Use these slides for your PPT presentations about leadership, motivational talks, coaching, HR, etc.

Characteristics of the Boss:

  1. Drives employees
  2. Depends on authority
  3. Inspires fear
  4. Says “I”
  5. Places blame for the breakdown
  6. Knows how it’s done
  7. Uses people
  8. Takes credit
  9. Commands
  10. Says “Go!”

Characteristics of the Leader:

  1. Coaches employees
  2. Depends on goodwill
  3. Generates enthusiasm
  4. Says “we”
  5. Fixes the breakdown
  6. Shows how it’s done
  7. Develops people
  8. Gives credit
  9. Asks
  10. Says “Let’s go!”

Includes fully editable shapes:

Editable Fish for PowerPoint

Editable Fish for PowerPoint

Editable Sheep for PowerPoint

Editable Sheep for PowerPoint

How to edit and customize the editable graphics?

  • Select the shape
  • Right-click
  • Group>Ungroup
  • Then you can select and edit the parts you’d like to customize (for e.g., change the color…)

Project Details

Terms of use:

  • Requires attribution
  • Personal and educational use
  • Commercial use
  • Outside of presentation usage
  • (Re)sell, (re)distribute
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