Halloween Parchment Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Preview of the Halloween-themed parchment design for PowerPoint presentations.



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Google Slides, POTX



File types:

Google Slides, POTX



Discover our Halloween Parchment Template, perfect for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. This design brilliantly combines the eeriness of Halloween with an old parchment backdrop, ideal for captivating audiences.

Halloween Parchment Template

Halloween, a celebration steeped in tradition, is synonymous with spookiness, thrilling stories, and creativity. Every year, people look forward to this festivity, marking it with decorations, costumes, and captivating tales.

Dive into the Halloween Parchment Template’s intricate design: a rich, realistic depiction of iconic Halloween symbols set against aged parchment. It encapsulates the essence of Halloween with orange pumpkins bearing carved faces, shadowy figures of bats in flight, spider webs delicately spun, and eerie dead trees. Comprising two slides – a cover and a content slide with a title – this template is constructed masterfully on the presentation’s Master slide.

Imagine leveraging this template for a range of topics. Schools can employ it for a historical presentation about Halloween’s origins. Businesses might use it for a fun, Halloween-themed marketing campaign or product launch. Moreover, authors or storytellers can craft spine-chilling narratives or share eerie legends. The possibilities are vast and versatile.

In conclusion, our Halloween Parchment Template isn’t merely about the aesthetics; it’s about enhancing your presentation’s impact. Engage and enthrall your audience this Halloween season, ensuring your message is both memorable and mesmerizing.

Preview of the template:

This ‘Halloween Parchment Template’ features:

  • 2 unique slides
  • Uses Slide Master: 1 master with 2 layout slides (a title and a ‘title and content’ slide)
  • Ready to use template with text placeholders
  • Custom color theme (built-in palette)
  • Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  • POTX file (PowerPoint) and for Google Slides

Free font used:

  • Calibri

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Requires attribution

Personal and educational use

Commercial use

(Re)sell, (re)distribute

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