Engage your audience with the Latte Pitch Template featuring a modern, coffee-themed design for PowerPoint presentations.



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Google Slides, POTX



File types:

Google Slides, POTX



The Latte Pitch Template brings warmth and comfort to professional presentations. With its minimalist design centered around latte imagery, this template for PowerPoint and Google Slides evokes a relaxed yet focused mood perfect for pitches and meetings.

Soothing Coffee-Inspired Presentation Template

The template features a soothing, earth-toned color scheme featuring creams, browns, and off-whites. Additionally, clean photography of a latte in a white mug, adorned with cozy styling cues like linen textures and soft lighting, enhances each slide. This creates an overall elegant yet approachable aesthetic, perfect for engaging presentations aimed at sparking conversations.

Moreover, the presentation template encompasses six core content slides, alongside an extra slide that highlights the color theme and typography utilized. The versatile widescreen 16:9 layout, coupled with Slide Master formatting and text/image placeholders, offers extensive flexibility for tailoring the deck to specific needs. Whether for designers seeking inspiration or presenters preparing their next talk, the Latte Pitch Template delivers both visual harmony and practical utility.

Potential applications of this template are vast, covering professional settings such as corporate meetings, conferences, client pitches, and beyond. Its warm, inviting atmosphere is ideally suited for topics designed to build trust and comfort with audiences. By simply updating imagery and content, the template can be customized to reflect various industries or messages, ranging from life coaching sessions to tech startup investor demos.

In essence, the Latte Pitch Template merges professionalism with a touch of approachability, empowering presenters to forge genuine connections. By summarizing key data in a comforting setting, this PowerPoint and Google Slides template transcends mere presentation; it acts as a conduit for fostering meaningful dialogue.

Preview of the template:

This template offers:

  • 6 slides, plus a color palette slide.
  • Easy editing with Slide Master.
  • Text and picture placeholders included.
  • Widescreen format.
  • For PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Free font used:

  • Calibri, Calibri Light

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Requires attribution

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