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XML File


Color Palette

Discover ‘Royal Countryside’, a custom color palette that combines the grandeur of royalty with rustic charm. Perfect for presentations that require a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Royal Countryside Color Palette

Unveil the rustic charm and stately elegance of our new custom PowerPoint color palette, “Royal Countryside”. This unique color palette seamlessly blends antique shades with serene countryside vibes, therefore enhancing your presentation with a captivating appeal.

The journey begins with the Black Bean color (#2A192C), a deep and mysterious tone that sets the foundation for an intriguing palette narrative. Furthermore, the spirited Antique Ruby (#971439) adds a vibrant touch, breathing a dash of royal grandeur into your slides.

Adding to the warm aura, the Brass (#BDB562) and Antique Brass (#967C41) tones radiate an inviting glow, which creates a perfect atmosphere that stimulates connection and conversation. However, to maintain a sense of balance, the tranquil Sage (#C1C6A8) brings a sense of calm and balance, reminiscent of peaceful rural landscapes.

Lastly, the Blackberry tone (#5A2A42) completes the palette, contributing an earthy richness that echoes the quiet charm of the countryside.

“Royal Countryside” fits perfectly into a range of presentation topics, from historical retrospectives to luxury brand narratives, environmental initiatives to creative brainstorms. It aims to provide a visual narrative that’s not only informative but also aesthetically engaging. Elevate your storytelling potential with “Royal Countryside” and captivate your audience.

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This ‘Nature Escapade – Custom Color Palette’ features:

  • A combination of 12 customized colors
  • XML file (in a ZIP file)
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