What Are The Best Free Fonts For A Presentation?

What are the Best Free Fonts for a Presentation? - PresentationGO

Did you think about every detail when preparing your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation? Text, images, backgrounds, animations: everything seems to be ready. But what about the fonts? Even though they might not appear to be a priority to you, the impact of fonts on readers should not be underestimated. That is why we offer you a premium selection of 10 fonts that will help you get your message across. 

Fonts are not just letters. They all have their own design that conveys impressions and emotions, such as elegance, professionalism, or creativity. Indeed, typography will set the mood for your entire presentation. Therefore, we need to understand what the different types of fonts are and how to use them efficiently.

Fonts can be divided into 4 main categories: serif, sans serif, script, and decorative. The word serif refers to the small lines or strokes attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter. Therefore, serif fonts usually have a more complex and elegant design than sans (without in French) serif ones.

Each style of typography has a specific purpose. For instance, the serif fonts will give your text a classic feeling of elegance, while the sans serif ones will convey modernity and great readability. As for script fonts, they imitate handwriting. They can be used to give a more casual look to your titles, but don’t use them for extended texts, as they can be tiring to the eye. Finally, decorative fonts, also called display fonts, are creative typographies with big, bold, and original designs that are generally used for titles and headings.

Choosing among half a million fonts is not an easy task! Besides, you have to decide the size and color for your typography. Also, remember that you can use two or more fonts in your presentation. In this case, you need to be careful with the font pairing. An effective combination could be to use an elegant serif font or decorative one for titles and a simpler sans serif one for your text. Time for you to have a look at our amazing selection of 10 fonts and take your pick!

Serif Fonts: Classic and Elegant

1. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is timeless! This typeface was first used in 1932 in the British newspaper called The Times of London and has never been out of fashion since. This typography is ideal to project a serious and reliable image while offering exceptional readability. It also gives you the advantage of familiarity. Everyone knows and recognizes this font!

Best Font for Presentation - Times New Roman

2. Georgia

This other elegant serif font was created in the 1990s, especially for on-screen use. Indeed, it is taller and bolder than Times New Roman, therefore making it easy to read even with smaller font sizes. It also has a formal touch to it, that is why such respectable newspapers as The New York Times or The Guardian use it. When preparing your slides, keep Georgia on your mind!

Best Font for Presentation - Font Georgia

3. Garamond

You will find several fonts with the Garamond name in them. It is in honor of Claude Garamont, designer of the original typography in the 1500s! There is indeed an everlasting sophistication to it! Even though it is thinner than other serif fonts, it is still highly legible. Don’t think of Garamond as old-fashioned: Apple and Google have used it for their slogans and logos!

Best Font for Presentation - Garamond

Sans Serif Fonts: Clean and Modern

4. Calibri

Along with Arial, it is probably the most popular sans serif font ever! Presented to the public in 2007 by Microsoft, its subtle rounded edges have conquered the world since. It is versatile, modern, and offers a high clarity at the moment of reading. That is why it is the perfect option for your text body.

Best Font for Presentation - Calibri

5. Helvetica

Created in Zurich by typeface designer Max Miedinger, his objective was to offer the most harmonious font possible. Helvetica will indeed bring Swiss clockwork precision to your texts, and since the 1950s, it has had an amazing success. Helvetica has great readability in its regular style and also conveys elegance and modernity in its bold version.

Best Font for Presentation - Helvetica

6. Verdana

This more recent font has invaded all our screens since its creation in 1996. The wide spaces between each letter enhance readability, making it an ideal option for small-size texts. Moreover, it is available on 99 percent of computers, on both Windows and macOS. This is indeed a guarantee your presentation will look exactly as you want on any device.

Best Font for Presentation - Verdana

Script Fonts: Fluid and Full of Energy

7. Lucida Handwriting

Remember you should not abuse script fonts, as they tend to be hard to read. However, if you have to choose one, it could be Lucida Handwriting, as it conserves good legibility. The calligraphic style makes it ideal for headlines or titles, especially when you want to give a casual, hand-made touch to them.

Best Font for Presentation - Lucida Handwriting

8. Edwardian

Edwardian is one of the 600 typefaces invented by New York graphic designer Ephram Edward Benguiat! Whereas Lucida has a cool and modern touch, Edwardian is all about refinement. Indeed, if you want to convey elegance and sophistication, use it for your headlines. This chic font makes us think of luxury and fancy weddings.

Best Font for Presentation - Edwardian Script ITC

Decorative FONTS: Original and Creative

9. Bahaus 93

There is almost an endless number of decorative fonts. That is why you need to choose carefully which one will best express what you want to communicate. Bauhaus 93 is a modern adaptation of a 1969 version, which is based on a design of the German Bauhaus school. If you want to give your heading both a modernist style and classical 1920s feeling, Bauhaus93 is the font you need.

Best Font for Presentation - Bauhaus 93

10. Chalkduster

Are you looking for fun typography for a presentation linked to education and teaching? Why don’t you try Chalkduster? This font is very similar to the one we used for the Chalkboard template. It looks exactly as if the teacher had written with chalk on a blackboard. Besides, it adds a cool dust effect thanks to the uneven edges of the letters. Time to take your audience back to school!

Best Font for Presentation - Chalkduster

We hope you will find this selection of our Best Free Fonts For A Presentation helpful.