Project Description

Free 8 stripes infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides. 8 horizontal banners (4 on the left and 4 on the right) and a rounded rectangle in the center. Editable graphics with numbers, icons, and text placeholders.

Use this template as a list for 8 (or 4) elements, or for your table of contents.

It can also be used as a diagram showing the relation of 8 elements to a central concept or idea.

Alternatively, insert it in your slides to compare 2 sets of information (left vs. right)

Shapes are 100% editable: colors and sizes can be easily changed.

Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

Widescreen (16:9) size preview:

This ‘8 Stripes Infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ features:

  • 3 unique slides
  • Light and Dark layout
  • Ready to use template with icons -or numbers, and text placeholders
  • Completely editable shapes
  • Uses a selection of editable PowerPoint icons
  • Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios
  • PPTX file and for Google Slides

Free fonts used:

  • Helvetica (System Font)
  • Calibri (System Font)