Urban Sunset – Custom Color Palette For PowerPoint

Preview of the Urban Sunset color palette featuring Midnight Wave, Sunkissed Copper, Coral Flame, Earthen Shadow, Golden Dusk, and Morning Glow for PowerPoint presentations.


Brown, Orange, Yellow

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XML File


Color Palette

Immerse your audience in the captivating hues of an urban sunset with this custom color palette for PowerPoint. The carefully curated combination of colors evokes the warmth and intrigue of a city skyline as the sun dips below the horizon.

The Warmth of an Urban Sunset in Your PowerPoint Slides

The deep, rich Midnight Wave color sets the stage, providing a strong foundation for your presentation. As the palette progresses, the Sunkissed Copper and Coral Flame burst forth, injecting energy and vibrancy into your slides. These warm, inviting colors are perfect for highlighting key points and drawing your audience’s attention.

To balance the intensity, the Earthen Shadow and Golden Dusk colors offer a grounding presence, reminiscent of the city’s architecture bathed in the fading light. Finally, the Morning Glow illuminates your content, leaving your audience with a sense of inspiration and optimism.

Whether you’re presenting on urban development, travel, or creative endeavors, this Urban Sunset color palette will enhance your message and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Color combination preview:

This ‘Urban Sunset – Custom Color Palette’ features:

  • A combination of 12 customized colors
  • XML file (in a ZIP file)
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