10 Free PowerPoint Templates with Hands… Thumbs-Up!

Free Templates with Hands for Powerpoint and Google Slides

Hands are the best tools humans have. In terms of visual communication, these essential parts of our body can be used to express a large number of messages, such as greetings, approval, agreement, or congratulations. That is why it is a great idea to use infographics with hands in your presentations. Now we hand you this wonderful selection of 10 Google Slides and PowerPoint templates!

The opposable thumbs of our hands are the tools that make us homo sapiens unique. Hands are not only tools but also a wonderful and efficient means of communication. Indeed, we can express thousands of messages thanks to them, from simple gestures to the most complex sign languages. You can insert hand images in your visual aids to convey basic ideas such as hello or goodbye, yes or no, good or bad, approval or disapproval, etc.

Hands also represent work, action, and power. Remember our opposable thumbs are an important feature that defines humanity! They are our first and most efficient tools. Our amazing series of 10 free PowerPoint templates with hands includes handcycles to represent teamwork, a handshake to show agreement, counting fingers to list and hierarchize ideas, and many more. We are happy to give you a hand choosing your next infographics!

1. Hand Cycle

Free Hand Cycle for powerpoint and google slides

The image of 4 hands holding each other at the wrist in a circle illustrates perfectly the strength of teamwork. It also conveys ideas such as equality and balance. Each hand has a 90-degree angle with the next one in order to form a perfect cycle. You can therefore use these interlocked hands to represent ideas that work perfectly together towards a common goal. Moreover, you can include an icon on each hand. You will find text placeholders on both sides too, in order to specify your ideas, stages, tasks, or events.

2. Hands Up

Free Hands Up for powerpoint and google slides

Put your hands up in the air! It is not really time to party but a fun and colorful slide will definitely improve your presentation and catch your audience’s attention! If they have a question, they can still raise their hands, just like on this infographic! Raised hands have different meanings and you can use them for the purpose you like: calling for attention, asking questions, asking for the right to speak, taking an oath, etc. The five hands raised, with their different colors, can also evoke the concepts of diversity, tolerance, justice and the right to speak up!

3. Up and Down Foam Hands

Free Up and Down Foam Hands for powerpoint and google slides

Do you want to illustrate contrast in an original way? Good vs. bad, positive vs. negative, and strengths vs. weaknesses are some of the dichotomous concepts you can express thanks to this free Up and Down Foam Hands for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The foam hands are typically used by fans who support a sports team. They can therefore be used to convey concepts such as passion, commitment, and support. Show right from wrong to your audience with this fun template!

4. Handshake

Free Handshake Template for powerpoint and google slides

We’ve got a deal! Let’s shake on it. The image of a handshake evokes a lot of positive impressions. For instance, it means agreement or partnership. Of course, it is also used to greet people in a formal way. However, handshakes convey much more than that: teamwork, trust, respect, balance, and equality, to name just a few notions. This free illustration of two hands shaking can be used if you want to portray the signing of a contract or deal, negotiations, or even a business success.

5. Hands Holding Plants

Free Hands Holding Plants for powerpoint and google slides

Hands are also the tools we use to make our projects develop. They are the earth on which our ideas develop. This free infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides represents a 3-level tree made of hands of different sizes holding growing plants. You can use it as a multilevel metaphor to illustrate concepts linked to the environment, nature, ecology, life, growth, or even knowledge. Moreover, the higher the hand, the bigger the tree, so you can illustrate 3 ideas in a hierarchical organization too.

6. Hand Tree

Free Hand Tree for powerpoint and google slides

In this original graphic, the trunk of a tree is replaced by a human forearm and hand. The 5 wide spread-out fingers represent the 5 branches on which 5 leaves grow. This image is a visual metaphor that shows the harmony between man and nature, the protection and care of each other. You can therefore use this infographic to illustrate 5 ideas or concepts linked to a central idea, especially on topics like environment, nature, ecology, and community.

7. Search Concept

Free Search Concept for powerpoint and google slides

In this free slide template, the human hand is holding an important tool: a magnifying glass. Metaphorically speaking, the image represents acute observation and thorough inspection of all the elements needed to make a decision, for instance. This circular diagram can represent a continuing sequence of 5 stages, tasks, or events in a semi-circular flow. You can also use it to show how 5 individual and interconnected parts form a whole. Enjoy this free Search Concept infographic and magnify your presentation!

8. 4 Text Boxes with Hands Counting

Free 4 Text Boxes with Hands Counting for powerpoint and google slides

From time immemorial, humans have used their fingers to count. On this free slide for PowerPoint, we can see one finger-counting hand at the bottom of each text box. Every box has a different strong color and is made up of a header for the title and a body for the text. It is ideal to replace the classic bulleted list. It will give color and dynamism to your information, whether it is ideas, concepts, a progression, or 4 steps in a task, process, or workflow.

9. Thumbs Up!

Free Thumbs-Up for powerpoint and google slides

How can you show your optimism or illustrate that people are unanimously in favor of your idea or proposition? Try this free Thumbs Up infographic for PowerPoint and Google Slides! It offers you not two but six thumbs up! Indeed, this slide shows six colorful converging forearms (coming from both sides) with thumbs up. This multipurpose template can be used to show approval, agreement, encouragement, but also performance, success, leadership, achievement, and satisfaction; in a nutshell, anything that is positive!

10. Thumbs Up with 3 Layers

Free Thumbs Up with 3 Layers for powerpoint and google slides

There is only one thumb up on this presentation slide but it is extremely useful. Indeed, the hand is divided into 3 layers, which allows you to illustrate 3 good or positive ideas or concepts. Of course, you have text placeholders to specify each one of them. You can also insert an icon inside each part of the hand. Besides, you can find the negative equivalent of this slide on our website (a red hand with the thumb down) if you need to compare good and bad ideas.

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Free PowerPoint Templates with Hands.