2-Step Decision Funnel

Preview of the 2-Step Decision Funnel template for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations.

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The 2-Step Decision Funnel template introduces a clear and concise way to present decision-making processes. Crafted for both PowerPoint and Google Slides, its unique design focuses on simplifying complex data into two comprehensive stages.

Effective Decision Funnel with Two Structured Phases

Funnel diagrams are visual representations that illustrate the progression of users through a process, typically showing the gradual decrease in numbers as users move from one stage to the next. They are commonly used in business and marketing to analyze and optimize processes such as sales funnels, website navigation, or customer acquisition, helping to identify areas of improvement and potential bottlenecks.

This template embodies a minimalistic design, making the two-step funnel the centerpiece of your presentation. The first level sprawls generously across the top, inviting an introduction of concepts, which then streamlines into a focused second level, highlighting the depth of analysis. The stark contrast between the broad and narrow ends of the funnel emphasizes the progression and refinement of ideas.

Ideal for business strategists and educators, this template guides viewers from a broad spectrum of ideas to a specific conclusion. Use it to illustrate market research filtering down to target demographics, or to show how preliminary data refines into actionable insights. The template’s structure is advantageous for presenters needing to demonstrate a clear, logical flow in decision-making processes. Customize it with industry-specific terminology or color-coding to accentuate key points.

The presentation document is a cohesive collection of 4 unique slides in 2 creative design variants. It’s pre-populated with numbers and text placeholders for quick customization. The shapes are fully editable, providing total control over the presentation’s look. Whether you prefer a light or dark theme, or require a standard or widescreen format, this template ensures your content shines in both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Leverage the 2-Step Decision Funnel to distill complex ideas into manageable insights with an elegant, professional appeal. Its user-friendly design and customizable features make it an essential asset for impactful presentations in various professional contexts.

Widescreen (16:9) size preview:

This template features:

  • 4 unique slides
  • 2 design variants
  • Options for both light and dark themes
  • Pre-populated with numbers and text placeholders
  • Fully customizable shapes for complete control
  • Available in both Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) ratios
  • Offered in both PowerPoint PPTX and Google Slides formats

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