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Delve into our extensive range of content, covering diverse topics such as design trends, visual storytelling techniques, and practical guides on using templates and graphics to enhance your presentations. We also provide essential tips for delivering engaging presentations, along with valuable insights from industry leaders and successful companies.

We understand the power of a well-designed presentation. That’s why we’ve curated our content to help you elevate your presentation skills, unlock your creativity, and turn your ideas into captivating visual narratives. Join us and embark on this journey to transform the world of presentations, one slide at a time. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint

How to Convert Presentations from Google Slides to PowerPoint

Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint quickly. Follow our detailed steps to make your presentations versatile and accessible.
A photo of a woman looking through a magnifying glass to illustrate the post Mastering Text Emphasis in Your Presentation: Tips and Techniques

Mastering Text Emphasis in Your Presentation: Tips and Techniques

Unlock the power of effective text presentation with expert tips on text quantity, font choices, slide design, and templates.
2023 Presentation Design Trends - by PresentationGO

2023 Presentation Design Trends

You have prepared a rock-solid presentation. Now, it’s time to prepare a slide deck that matches your great ideas, products, and stories. In order to impress your audience and leave an unforgettable impression, you need to design brilliant visuals that stand out. To achieve this goal, it is crucial that …
How to ace your sales presentation in 10 steps - Tips by PresentationGO

How to Ace Your Sales Presentation in 10 Steps

Some presentations are more important than others. The one you are going to give next week could be a game changer. You need to convince clients that your product or service is the one they need. You know that these undecided customers will make their decision during this presentation, and …
How To Install Color Theme XML Files in PowerPoint

How To Install Color Theme XML Files in PowerPoint

Colors can be a very subjective topic. That is also true when it comes to colors that you use in PowerPoint, or any other presentation solutions. There is a wide consensus on how you should use colors in a presentation though: select a color palette of your choice, and stick …
How To Replace Existing Icons In A PowerPoint Slide? Tutorial by TutsGO by PresentationGO.

How To Replace Existing Icons In A PowerPoint Slide

Either your are a new visitor to PresentationGO or a long-time regular user, you have probably observed that we are found of icons in our designs. We won’t discuss here all the advantages of inserting these small visual aids, but obviously we will say that icons bring a very interesting …
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