Newton’s Cradle with a Red Sphere for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free Newton's Cradle with a Red Sphere for PowerPoint

Free Newton’s cradle with a red sphere for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Use this powerful graphic in your presentation as a visual metaphor or analogy. Editable graphics with text placeholders.

Newton’s Cradle with a Red Sphere

Newton’s cradle is not the little bed he used as a child but the fantastic invention made of 4 little spheres that swing back and forth and prove the conservation of momentum and energy. That is why this free Newton’s Cradle with a Red Sphere template is a perfect analogy to show this idea in your business and other projects.

This simple yet forceful slide shows a view of a Newton’s pendulum, also called Newton’s rocker or executive ball clicker. We can see a red sphere on the left, ready to go down and hit the other 3 vertical spheres. The red sphere represents indeed your force and energy that will push the last sphere upwards. These 4 spheres can represent your 4 options, like steps in a process or tasks. You will also find a large text placeholder on the left of the slide to include titles and texts. Finally, you can download this metaphoric slide with a white or a black background.

The energy you put in a project always goes somewhere. Even if you don’t see them right away, the effects will appear at the end of the chain and come back to you in perfect balance. This is the analogy of the powerful image of this free Newton’s Cradle with a Red Sphere template.

Shapes are 100% editable: colors and sizes can be easily changed.

Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

Widescreen (16:9) size preview:

This ‘Newton’s Cradle with a Red Sphere’ template features:

  • 2 unique slides
  • Light and Dark layout
  • Ready to use template with text placeholders
  • Completely editable shapes
  • Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios
  • PPTX file (PowerPoint) and for Google Slides

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