Ascending & Descending Staggered Process for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free Ascending Descending Staggered Process for PowerPoint

File types:

Google Slides, PPTX


4:3, 16:9

File types:

Google Slides, PPTX


4:3, 16:9

Free ascending & descending staggered process for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Two design options of a process diagram with a step-up or a step-down flow. Horizontal and vertical distribution of stadium elements connected with narrow neck shapes. Editable graphics with numbers, icons, and text placeholders.

Process diagrams are the most popular category of PresentationGO. The reason is simple: these diagrams are so versatile, they can be used for many different purposes.

Of course, the primary purpose is to show a sequence of steps. Graphically, these steps can follow a linear path, with a start and an endpoint. But they can also have a repetitive circular sequence. In addition, the process diagrams can have a vertical or horizontal flow.

Ascending & Descending Staggered Process

This new ‘Ascending & Descending Staggered Process‘ is part of a collection of 4 staggered process variants.

More specifically, this diagram is created with a superposition of 4 rectangle shapes with round corners, aka stadium shapes. These shapes are horizontally and vertically distributed. Use these shapes to showcase your text. Also, you will find in this document 2 variants:

  • First design option, with an ascending (upward) flow.
  • Second design option, with a descending (downward) flow.

In addition, hourglass shapes connect each element one-to-one. These are independent elements that you can even move or remove.

On the left side of each rectangle, use the circle shape to insert your custom icon. And on the right side, the circled numbers add information about the order of the sequence.

In general, this “ascending & descending staggered process diagram” will be perfect to show an ascending or descending series of steps. It will indeed beautifully emphasize the downward (or upward) progression through 4 stages.

However, with some slight modifications, this diagram will help you show non-sequential or grouped blocks of information too.

Shapes are 100% editable: colors and sizes can be easily changed.

First, you can easily add or remove events to match your needs. Also, you can remove the connectors if you don’t want to highlight the progression or sequence. Finally, feel free to customize this diagram with your selection of icons (to insert an icon under PowerPoint, go to Insert > Icons…).

Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

Widescreen (16:9) size preview:

This ‘Ascending & Descending Staggered Process for PowerPoint and Google Slides’ features:

  • 4 unique slides
  • Light and Dark layout
  • Ready to use template with numbers, icons and text placeholders
  • Completely editable shapes
  • Uses a selection of editable PowerPoint icons
  • Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios
  • PPTX file and for Google Slides

Free fonts used:

  • Helvetica (System Font)
  • Calibri (System Font)

The complete Staggered Process collection

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